Real Solutions. From Real Tandem Riders.


We are retired Dental professionals with a passion for tandem bike riding and helping others enjoy a tandem bike as well.   We keep an extra Tandem bike ready to help new riders experience the fun as well as share tips to make owning a tandem a great experience. Welding and metal design happen to be another skill we enjoy, so our bikes racks are lovingly made in our own fabrication shop. Our goal to travel the country easily with our tandem bike has been going strong since 2006 with the advent of our LONG BIKE TOTE.  We love our National Parks and beautiful places to ride, like our favorite - the Going To The Sun Road in Glacier National Park.   


It was time to buy a new car, and as passionate tandem cyclists, we began to research what to buy and still be able to transport our tandem bike. With rising fuel prices and our desire to travel more with our bike, our search focused on more economical transportation. Our favorite car in the market was a diesel VW Jetta and the challenge was to design a bike rack that would not be above the roof of the car but still be inside the width of the mirrors.  The Long Bike Tote® was the successful result.